MATREX provides comprehensive engineering and consulting services required for building new substations and for renovation, modernisation and extension of existing substations.

Substation Design

Our services include all aspects of engineering and design of HV and MV, outdoor and indoor, AIS and GIS substations from 11-500 kV.

• Detailed/Concept design:

We bring together a pool of experts to provide detailed primary, secondary, civil and structural design for substations, cap-banks, static VAr compensation and overhead transmission lines.

• Tender Documents:

We can also help during the tender phase, from site selection, defining the scope of work, preparing budget and BOQ, develop concept design and technical specifications, to bid evaluation and technical support during contract negotiations.

• Engineering Management:

Our experienced engineers will provide invaluable support during project implementation, including project and contract management, design review and approval, QA and inspections during construction, witnessing factory and site acceptance tests, cold and hot commissioning.

Assest Condition Assessment

We provide a thorough and cost-effective condition assessment of all your electrical assets, including power transformers, earthing and lightning protection systems, overhead lines and other substation equipment. Our services include the development of asset registers, determining the monetary value and remaining life of your equipment. The evaluation also includes the risk assessment and recommendation for life extension. We can assist you in prioritizing the projects and expenditures. Evaluation methodology involves visual inspections and audits, IR and UV surveys and comprehensive online and offline testing of power transformers and cables.

Improving Security of Supply

MATREX offers a comprehensive engineering solution for substation optimisation and life extension, which will improve the security of supply, boost your productivity and decrease operational cost:

• Perform asset condition assessment and evaluate current level of security of supply.

• Perform relevant studies, propose solutions, determine the required implementation budget.

• Develop implementation strategy for minimum interruptions to the operations.

• Plan the uprating and retrofitting of the existing transmission lines.

• Provide detailed design, technical specifications & tender documents.

• Evaluate the bids and provide technical support during contract negotiations.

• Engineering management during implementation.

Our experts will provide the most cost efficient and least interruptive implementation strategy for modernisation or extension of your power systems.

Technical Studies

We offer a number of power system and network studies, protection related and other specialised studies.

Operational and expansion planning. Feasibility & viability studies. Power station integration studies; Fault analysis and load flow studies. Protection settings calculation. Cable sizing calculation; Quality of Supply parameter and harmonic apportionment. Power Demand Side Management; Earthing and lightning protection system studies and many more!

Power Transformers

MATREX offers a complete range of power transformer related services, designed to improve the reliability, life expectancy and efficiency of transformers in utilities, industrial, and commercial applications.

Our portfolio includes design, testing, evaluation and fault investigation of power transformers. Our experts will provide invaluable input at all stages of transformer life:

• Transformer specification and evaluation of proposed design.

• Inspection during manufacturing and witnessing factory acceptance tests.

• Condition assessment and monitoring of transformers in operation.

• Operation, maintenance, testing, condition monitoring and fault finding training.

• Investigation of failed transformers, including forensic aspects and repair recommendations.

Our references include transformers from 2 – 854 MVA and voltage levels from 0.42 kV – 420 kV.